Member Orientation

Group Decision Making Handbook

Table of Contents

1 What do you do when a dispute arises?
2 Communication Styles
Meeting Roles
3 Positive Group Roles
4 Negative Group Roles
5 Effective Meetings: Designated Meeting Roles
7 Influence in Groups
Meeting Process
8 Sample Agenda
9 Meeting Evaluation Sheet
10 The Four Roles of a Facilitator
11 Facilitation Tools

BSC Manager Accountability - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Manager Accountability" orientation video.

In the co-ops, some members are elected to be managers at their house. These managers specialize in coordinating different parts of the house's operations, such as food service, maintenance, or social activities.

BSC Member Responsibilities - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Member Responsibilities" orientation video.

As a co-op resident, there are a few basic responsibilities asked of all members that allow the organization to be member-run in a sustainable way.

BSC Welcome to the Co-ops - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Welcome to the Co-ops" orientation video.

An introduction to the history of the Berkeley Student Cooperative and how cooperative living keeps costs low and builds communtiy.

BSC Member Rights - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Member Rights" orientation video

Being a member of the Co-ops is like being the citizen of a town or country, and comes with the rights to take part in the governance of the organization, as well as to use its facilities.

Discover the Co-operative Difference - flyer

"Discover the Co-operative Difference!"

The Canadian Co-operative Association's free, online orientation program for co-op staff, board, and members, this tool provides information about the principles and values of co-operatives, the landscape and scope of co-operatives across Canada and links to lots more information. The format is taking a walk down virtual co-op main street.

How to Design Successful Community Workshops

This is an outline for a training called 'Ready to Train? How to Design Successful Community Workshops'
Workshop Objective: Participants will learn the basics of popular education theory and training design to ensure that they have the basic skills needed to run effective community trainings.
Core Competencies:  Core competencies will include respect for the learner as teacher, commitment to variation of participatory training methods, and willingness to use a training design model to plan an effective training.