Member Education & Training

River City Housing Collective Hand Signals

River City Housing Collective's visual for hand signals. This is reviewed during an information session with prospective members, and whoever is facilitating a meeting where a new member is present will review the hand signals before the meeting starts.

Cooperatives as a business and as a safety net

Co-ops are businesses designed to pool resources to serve a specific economic need of their current and future members. At the same time, co-ops hold a principle of Concern for the Community and often use those pooled resources contributed by individual members to serve as a social safety net for the membership collectively. This is a discussion guide that offers a few discussion prompts and some practices for balancing the tension between these goals.

NASCO Institute 2020 Session Recordings

Below, are the recordings for NASCO Institue 2020 sessions by room. Please share lessons learned with your cooperatives and communities. 

If you did not register for NASCO Institute and you'd like to support free and low-cost cooperative education, please consider contributing a donation amount that feels appropriate for you and/or your cooperative. Your donation makes it possible to offer cooperative education materials and resources free of charge. DONATE HERE.


House Maintenance Coordinator Handbook - Madison Community Cooperative

This House Maintenance Coordinator Handbook was created by Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) to serve as a reference guide. It includes a detailed role description, things to be aware of, responsibilities checklists, house tool library, delegation guidelines, Work Day guidelines, Madison fire code info, and recommendations for hiring contractors. MCC has shared this handbook with NASCO so that other co-ops may adapt it for their own use.