The Health of Our Sector: An Aggregate Report of NASCO Member Co-op Health Assessments

In 2021, NASCO conducted interviews with 28 member co-ops using a standardized set of questions regarding several areas of co-op health: governance, legal obligations, finances, membership, education, maintenance, leadership, staffing, community engagement, and quality of life for members.

In this report, NASCO has aggregated the results of all co-op health assessments to offer an overall picture of our sector's health. The goals of this report include:

NASCO Institute 2020 Session Recordings

Below, are the recordings for NASCO Institue 2020 sessions by room. Please share lessons learned with your cooperatives and communities. 

If you did not register for NASCO Institute and you'd like to support free and low-cost cooperative education, please consider contributing a donation amount that feels appropriate for you and/or your cooperative. Your donation makes it possible to offer cooperative education materials and resources free of charge. DONATE HERE.


NASCO Covid-19 Update

This PDF provides a thorough outline of the NASCO Family's response to the COVID-19 pandemic including how we are supporting members, adapting existing programming, and our next steps. This document was created on April 16, 2020. 


Hasten Slowly, and You Will Soon Arrive

With roots in the women's movement of the late 1800s, group equity co-ops have continued against the odds for almost 150 years, finding ways to create both affordable housing and community across North America.

Group equity co-ops are solidly rooted in the Chicago area, first rising as a practical solution to the very real needs of nineteenth-century single women. But this self-help approach eventually became an important option for anyone with financial need.

Many Hands: Building a Cooperative Future (Short Film)

Many Hands: Building a Cooperative Future 

Filmed in 2013, this is an inspirational chronical of the cooperative movement in Austin, Texas, and also an organizing tool for anyone searching for a cooperative approach to broader empowerment and stronger community.