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The Nuts and Bolts of Co-op Evictions (Ontario)

Celia Chandler provides an overview of the LTB process for co-op evictions in Ontario.
As of 2021, "It’s been seven years since housing co-ops evictions moved to Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). Celia Chandler works with many housing co-ops on member issues and will lead you through the nuts and bolts of evictions at this one-hour session. If you need to brush up on the co-op eviction process including navigating the LTB during COVID, this workshop is for you!"


NASCO Institute 2020 Session Recordings

Below, are the recordings for NASCO Institue 2020 sessions by room. Please share lessons learned with your cooperatives and communities. 

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Many Hands: Building a Cooperative Future (Short Film)

Many Hands: Building a Cooperative Future 

Filmed in 2013, this is an inspirational chronical of the cooperative movement in Austin, Texas, and also an organizing tool for anyone searching for a cooperative approach to broader empowerment and stronger community.

Own The Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time - Video

A short, practical guide for those considering worker owned cooperatives, made by GRITtv & the Toolbox for Education and Social Action. Featuring conversations with worker-owners from Union Cab; Ginger Moon; Arizmendi Bakery, Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA); New Era Windows; and more. Educational kits for use with the doc are available at:

NASCO Institute 2014 Keynote Nikki Marín Baena - Video

NASCO Institute 2014 Keynote Speech, delivered by Nikki Marín Baena, titled "Owning Our Neighborhoods: Our mission, should we choose to accept it." Ann Arbor, MI - November 08, 2014.
Owning our Neighborhoods: Our mission, should we choose to accept it
Ed Whitfield of the Fund for Democratic Communities recently wrote, "Our full humanity is expressed only when we have the capacity and the opportunity to be productive, to do for ourselves, meeting our needs in our communities." The world is having an important moment.

NASCO Institute 2014 Plenary - Rachel Plattus - Video

NASCO Institute 2014 Plenary Speech, delivered by Rachel Plattus, titled "Cooperation, The Latest Dance Craze." Ann Arbor, MI - November 09, 2014.
Rachel Plattus is Director of Youth and Student Organizing at the New Economy Coalition. She coordinates the Youth and Student Network and works to build community, organizational and funder engagement in the New Economy.