Workshop Kit: "Cooperative Movement"

This workshop kit includes the facilitator's guide which provides a step by step breakdown of how to deliver this workshop which is the place to start. Handouts are also included here. People are encouraged to use the material as-is or adapt it as needed for their particular coop. The workshop is intended for coop members (but could also be modified for an external audience with some adjustments), in order to: 1) Understand the history of the coop movement; 2) Learn ways to engage currently in/with coops outside of their housing coop involvement; 3) See a future for themselves that involves coops and 4) Be exposed to a plethora of ways to live cooperatively in different realms of their lives moving forward (i.e. worker coops, credit unions, daycare coops…..funeral coops).
These materials were developed for the Nickel City Housing Co-op in 2016 by Erin Hancock, through NASCO's Cooperative Internship Network.