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Workshop Kit: "Cooperative Principles and Values"

This workshop kit includes the facilitator's guide which provides a step by step breakdown of how to deliver this workshop which is the place to start. Presentation materials as well as handouts and instructions are also included here. People are encouraged to use the material as-is or adapt it as needed for their particular coop. The workshop is intended for coop members (but could also be modified for an external audience with some adjustments), in order to promote a deeper understanding of cooperative foundations, principles and values. 

Democracy at Work Institute Resource Library

The Democracy at Work Institute is building a comprehensive Resource Library that will include a wide range of materials, including academic papers, start-up toolkits, curriculum samples, actual documents from existing worker cooperatives, and more. The topic list below provides a map of the resources that will be available. We are also continuing to publish additional resources on a daily basis.

Debunking Cooperative Myths - Video

6 Common Misconceptions about Cooperatives:
#1: "A co-op? That's like ... a hippie grocery store, right?"
#2: Co-ops are Basically All Non-Profits 
#3: Co-ops Aren't Scalable 
#4: Co-ops Have No Structure 
#5: Co-ops Are Only For Rich White People 
#6: Co-ops Don't Have an Economic Impact
Recorded for the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Shared Resource Library -


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