NASCO Board Election Results

We are excited to announce our newly elected directors to the NASCO Board!
Alex Green
Former member of Inter Cooperative Council, Ann Arbor, MI
New York, New York
Topaz Hooper
Current member of St. Peace House and former member of the Boulder Housing Coalition

Welcoming New NASCO Board Directors


Please join us in welcoming Sophia Meshinchi, Keara Broome, Erin Larmondin, Danica Southerland, Pavin Johnson, Aaron Woods, Liza Mamedov, and Bronwyn Walls. to the NASCO Board of Directors. 

(Pictured in order from left to right, top to bottom Tomi Chung, Keara Broome, Erin Larmondin, Aaron Woods, Danica Southerland, Sophia Meshinchi, and Bronwyn Walls.)


Keara Broome

Welcoming New NASCO Board Directors

collage of new NASCO board members


Please join us in welcoming Dahlia Bekong, Trisha Qualy, Nicole Wires, Shelby Bohannon, Sophia Penney, Taliesin Ramos, and Jason Tompkins to the NASCO Board of Directors. 

(Pictured in order from left to right, top to bottom Nicole Wires, Shelby Bohannon, Trisha Quay, and Taliesin Ramos)


Nicole Wires

Welcoming NASCO's Newly Elected Board Directors


Four new board directors were recently elected in NASCO's general election. Please join us in welcoming Vincent Mao, and welcoming back Bob Cook, Lee Pepper, and Maggie O'Connor. 


(Pictured from left to right)


Lee Pepper

Interested in joining the NASCO Board of Directors?

Are you excited about the cooperative movement and eager to participate in the world of cooperatives beyond your home cooperative?

Do you have experience with board governance, grassroots fundraising, meeting facilitation, co-op management, or committee leadership? 

Do you want to be part of a bi-national organization that develops new cooperatives, manages common equity houses, and reaches thousands of cooperators in the U.S. and Canada with cooperative education?

NASCO Board Nominations for 2015

NASCO is pleased to announce the beginning of a nomination process for seats on our Board of Directors. A mailing was sent to all Active Members, Associate Member organizations, and Individual Members on September 5, 2014. 
In the past, NASCO has held board elections in the spring.