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May 29, 2015

What is it like to live in an ecovillage, cohousing neighborhood, or another intentional community?

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May 29, 2015

In 2010, a small group of folks found a neglected patch of Baltimore that was was ripe for growing food and community.  They formed the Baltimore Free Farm collective to begin working the vacant lots, growing and distributing food, and fixing up derelict and abandoned properties in the area.  After visiting their friends at the Red Clover Collective, a housing co-op that NASCO had recently assisted in organizing, they decided that they too should use the tools of cooperation to ensure that residential properties could be permanently used to provide affordable housing in a way that supported and enhanced the community.  In 2013, they formed a cooperative, Horizontal Housing, and set out to purchase 3 adjacent row houses that were at the heart of the community farming efforts and could house 10 people.

May 29, 2015

We are happy and proud to announce that Kim Garmany has been elected to the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA) board of directors. Kim was nominated to this board by NASCO, College Houses, and the Austin Cooperative Business Association. In what ended up being a very close election, Kim was elected with the support of the NASCO community. We are very excited for the perspective that Kim will bring to this board from our sector and the strength that Kim’s position will add to the partnership between NASCO and NCBA CLUSA.

May 29, 2015
Madison Community Cooperative, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is hiring the position of Membership and Office Coordinator. You are invited to apply before June 5th, 2015 (or until position is filled). Questions should be directed to
Job Type: Part-Time, 20-25 hours/week
Location: Works primarily at the MCC office at 1202 Williamson St
Position: Supervised by the MCC Membership Officer
Pay: Compensation to be determined.
May 29, 2015
The Circle Pines Center, a cooperative located in Delton, Michigan, is hiring three positions for their 5 week summer camp in which they teach cooperation as a way of life. You are encouraged to review the position descriptions for the Health Officer (linked), Waterfront Director (linked), and a Construction Work Project Leader (below) and apply. Questions should be directed to Applications for the Health Officer Position are due on May 30, 2015. Applications for the Waterfront Director and Construction Work Project Leader positions are due June 07, 2015.
Circle Pines Summer Camp is seeking a dedicated work project leader for construction. The constructionleader will plan, oversee, and assist teams of counselors and campers in small building projects throughout the summer.
May 8, 2015

NASCO Properties (NP) is accepting applications for a 9 month position based in Santa Cruz, California. Please review the job description for this position.  The position is expected to last from June 15 2015 through the end of February of 2016, with the possibility of a 3 month extension through May 2016.  


May 4, 2015

The Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) in Berkeley, California is hiring a full-time Cooperative Experience Manager, responsible for helping create and maintain the best possible cooperative living environment in all 20 BSC units, enabling the BSC's members to learn, grow, and thrive as people and as students. You may view the full job posting hereApplications must be received by 10am PDT on Monday, June 1st, 2015. For more information, please contact Kim Benson, Executive Director, at by email only please.

May 4, 2015

The Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) in Berkeley, California is hiring a full-time Operations Assistant, responsible for assisting house-level managers in meeting BSC and City habitability guidelines. You may view the full job posting hereApplications must be received by 10am PDT on Monday, May 11th, 2015. For more information, please contact Marie Lucero, Operations Manager, at by email only please. 

May 4, 2015
The Michigan State University Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC) in East Lansing, Michigan is hiring a full-time fellowship position that will split its time between office and membership management and project deveopment and execution between the cooperative and broader community. You may view the full job posting here. Applications are due May 15th or until the position is filled.
March 23, 2015

The Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) is a nonprofit housing cooperative governed by its 200 member-residents who collectively manage our 12 cooperative houses in Madison’s downtown and near-east side. Their mission is to improve the Madison community by providing low-cost, not-for-profit cooperative housing for very low- to moderate-income people and to be inclusive of underrepresented and marginalized groups of the community. They have made a commitment to work for social and housing justice.

MCC is currently hiring two (2) Maintenance Coordinators (MCs) to facilitate and/or implement the decisions, projects, and policies of MCC on behalf of its members as they relate to the maintenance of MCC’s properties. The two MCs will work cooperatively with the MCC’s Maintenance Committee, Board of Directors, individual members, and one another to advance MCC’s mission. The position is 30-40 hours per week. Compensation and benefits include competitive salary, health, dental, retirement, and paid time off.