NASCO Guide to Cooperative Careers

Published by NASCO in 1985. Edited by Sharon Pedersen.


1 Introduction / Acknowledgements
5 Considering a Career with Cooperatives
5 A Way of Doing Business
6 Qualities and Qualifications of Cooperative
7 Taking the First Step toward a Career in Co-ops
7 A Full Spectrum of Opportunities
8 A Brief History of Today's Cooperative Movement
9 Producer-Owned Cooperatives
9 Agricultural Cooperatives
11 Fishers Cooperatives
11 Craft Cooperatives
12 Worker-Owned Cooperatives
13 Consumer-Owned Cooperatives
13 Consumer Goods Cooperatives
14 "New Wave" Food Co-ops
15 Housing Cooperatives
16 Student Cooperatives
17 Financial Services
Credit Unions
U.S. Farm Credit Cooperatives
The National Cooperative Bank
Cooperating Insurance Companies
20 Cooperatives in the Energy and Utilities Industries
21 Health Care Cooperatives
23 Other Consumer Cooperatives: A Cross-Section of the Economy
Child Care Cooperatives
Legal Service Cooperatives
Memorial Societies
Auto Care Cooperatives
24 Organizations of Cooperatives, for Cooperatives
24 Overseas Cooperative Development
25 Resources
25 Cooperative Associations
27 Educational Organizations and Institutions
29 Bibliography

ISBN 0-931062-38-1