NASCO Institute 2016

Member Debt (Roundtable) - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “Member Debt (Roundtable),” presented by Brigid Maniates at NASCO Institute 2016.


When you and your housemates are all friends (or even when you aren’t), asking somebody to settle their debts can be stressful. This roundtable discussion will delve into the question of member debt, the consequences that debt has on a co-op’s stability, and strategies that support the co-op in getting what it’s owed.

Labor Accountability (Roundtable) - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “Labor Accountability (Roundtable),” presented by Ratih Sutrisno at NASCO Institute 2016.


It’s 7:00 AM, you’re hurrying to get ready for class, and you jump in the shower only to find that your housemate *still* hasn’t cleaned the bathroom … if this sounds familiar, then you’re invited to participate in this roundtable discussion on systems for building accountability around member labor and strategies for enforcing community norms.

Food on a Budget (Roundtable) - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “Food on a Budget (Roundtable),” presented by Michael Eugenio at NASCO Institute 2016.


Everyone needs to eat, and most people like to eat different foods. How do you satisfy your housemates’ needs while also keeping costs down? In this roundtable discussion, participants will share tips and tricks for shopping on a budget and preparing meals that are healthy, hearty, and affordable.

History of Group Equity Housing Cooperatives - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “History of Group Equity Housing Cooperatives,” presented by Jim Jones at NASCO Institute 2016.


This session will cover a history of group housing cooperatives in North America. It will take a look at both student and community based cooperatives, starting in 1873 and continuing to the present. Questions we will address include: How did we all get here? Why aren't there co-ops like ours in other countries? What events in our country have influenced and affected our cooperatives?