Online Video Resources

For the past year, in partnership with the Toolbox for Education and Social Action and with the support of the CHS Foundation, NASCO staff have been creating cooperative educational videos on a variety of key topics. We’re quite happy to announce that forty videos have been produced to date and are now available on our website. You can access these original videos here.

Submit Resources to our Library

One of the most valuable assets of the cooperative movement is our collective knowledge, and NASCO’s Shared Resource Library, a constantly growing collection of documents and files, is a tool for sharing that knowledge. Our library relies upon your contributions. Please follow this link to share your co-op’s governance documents, member education materials, and resources.

Join the NASCO Board of Directors

Are you excited about the cooperative movement and eager to participate in the world of cooperatives beyond your home cooperative?

Do you have experience with board governance, grassroots fundraising, meeting facilitation, co-op management, or committee leadership? 

Do you want to be part of a bi-national organization that develops new cooperatives, manages common equity houses, and reaches thousands of cooperators in the U.S. and Canada with cooperative education?

Annual Member Survey

NASCO member co-ops only– we're conducting our second Annual Member Survey! Your responses help us understand our membership, ensure our programming meets our members' needs, and advocate for the positive impacts of co-ops on individuals and communities.

Every individual who completes a survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

Welcoming our Director of Development Services!

As summer comes to an end, Corrigan Nadon-Nichols, our Director of Development, is stepping down from his position. During his five years on staff, Corrigan has made some enormous contributions to NASCO. He will surely be missed! However, he won’t be going far as he is moving on to exciting opportunities in the local Chicago cooperative movement. Supporting our staff as well as members to grow and evolve is part of our work at NASCO. We are sad to say goodbye to Corrigan, and we wish him happiness and success!


NASCO launched several new property ownership programs, including Lots in Common and NASCO Community Ownership.  Lots in Common has been spun off from NASCO’s staffing, and NASCO Community Ownership went under due to the financial crisis of 2008.

The NASCO boards and staff worked together to create a contract for setting expectations of staff. Several large cooperatives in the US withdrew from NASCO membership, while several large cooperatives in Canada rejoined.

Fourth Decade

NASCO developed a focus on diversity and inclusion, both in governance and in its educational programming. A number of community-based cooperatives became members of NASCO, bringing new points of view. By 2005, about half of the member groups were community-based, although student groups were still much larger and held about 90% of the individual co-op members.

Third Decade

To better assist those many groups and individuals who wanted to start new cooperatives, the Campus Cooperative Development Corporation (CCDC) was incorporated as an affiliate of NASCO in 1988. Funded and controlled through its own membership structure, CCDC contracts with NASCO for staffing. CCDC can provide all of the stages of development assistance from project feasibility through financing and organizational design.

Second Decade

In the late 1970's NASCO, once again, focused some of its efforts on the federal government. Along with many other cooperative groups in the late 1970's, NASCO assisted in lobbying for the federal legislation which created the National Co-op Bank (NCB). Such efforts by NASCO and the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) finally resulted in the National Consumer Cooperative Bank Act of 1978.