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Cooperative Housing Development Toolbox: A Guide for Successful Community Development

As community leaders seek affordable housing solutions, people continue to make difficult choices about where to live. Cooperative housing is one solution to  increasing the availability of affordable housing. This guide is designed to assist community leaders in determining whether co-op housing is right for their community, and helps with choosing, planning and organizing co-op housing developments.

WestCo Event Materials (1979-2014)

This is an archive of WestCo conference materials from 1979 to the present. WestCo is an annual conference for members of cooperatives in the Western United States and Canada. WestCo is a space for local cooperators to build community, attend educational workshops and social events, and celebrate their common interests and experiences.

NASCO Co-op Organizer's Handbook

The Organizer's Handbook is a comprehensive guide to creating housing cooperatives in local communities. By explaining the cooperative movement, campus organizing, non-profit incorporation, financing, and housing development, this important resource demystifies a challenging project. It is an essential resource for the student or community organizer focusing on housing issues.
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